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Although losing weight in your sleep is not as simple as it sounds, there is enough scientific evidence that links weight gain and sleep deprivation. Highly stressed or depressed individuals tend to suffer from insomnia, others are subject to sleep-related disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea. For most healthy individuals the problem began...

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There are skinny fat people and fat skinny people. So, what's a perfect body?

We are conditioned to judge our bodies, and somehow, someone else's pre-conceived notion of perfection is engraved on our heads. The image of an ideal body is sometimes passed down through generations making some of our young men and women feel inadequate.  The internet is filled with...

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When invited to dinner, despite disliking the layer of oil glistening on a meal, you still eat it; a friend who loves baking gives you a piece of a sugar-loaded cake, you're compelled to eat it; when dining out, your friends start eating the free bread before the order is taken, guess what you do? You tend to eat it too!

Sometimes we struggle between....

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