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Losing weight by skipping meals or eating unbalanced diets yield poor results.  A very low calorie diet deprives the metabolism of energy.  The body goes into starvation mode and more fat is stored in preparation for a famine.  

On the other hand, exercising and consuming too many calories does not help tip the scale either. 

The answer to many stress, weight, and disease-related problems in today’s society lies in lifestyle choices.  Understand your choices and what your body needs to thrive.

Your body needs between

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our brain, muscles, and basic body functions.  But too much refined carbohydrates, like sugar and white flour, converts into fat.  Not to mention, it spikes the insulin level and triggers a hunger attack at the bottom of the curve.

Protein is needed everywhere and for everything from hair to hormones. Consume too much, and you’ll be wasting your money.  The body takes the protein that it needs and excretes the rest. If you are consuming too much animal protein, you have the disadvantage of also ingesting the naturally occurring saturated fat found in these products and you’ll gain weight.

Without Fat the body can’t absorb certain vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  But too much makes you gain weight easily because it contains 9 calories per gram, more than twice as much as carbohydrate and protein.

Vitamins & Minerals are the catalyst for many body functions and maintenance.  They boost the immune system and protect and repair the cells.  Long term deficiency leads to chronic diseases.

The body is made up of 65% water.  It is an essential element for body housekeeping.  It helps transport nutrients into the cells and is the most efficient detoxifier, as it helps move waste to be excreted. 

The body is meant to move.  Whether you chose to dance, walk, run, or hit the gym, increasing the activity level is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  It’s necessary to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, but more importantly have fun with it!

Sleep is crucial not only for long-term memory consolidation, but also for making the right food choices.  When you are tired and stressed, chances are you consume high calorie foods.

There is a saboteur living deep inside each one of us.   Where do you get support to develop triggers that can change your mindset and keep you on track?

A Healthy
is the
New Diet

Give your body what it needs.

Most people are not in their best element when they're hungry, tired, or stressed.

This journey helps you achieve your health goals without starving or feeling deprived of life.

I will help you develop long-term sustainable healthy habits, so you won't need coaching ever again.

Try it


Live calls

1x weekly video conference calls to set and adjust goals 

Celebrate wins and overcome challenges and roadblocks

Discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses

Slowly reshape your mindset and develop new long-lasting healthy habits



Evaluation and goal setting based on your  values, lifestyle, and worldview

Identify current habits

Recommended food diary (optional) 

Allergies and medical history check


meal plans

Balanced meal plans

Transparency on nutritional content and calories

Food diary and energy balance checks (optional)

Meal plans created with the whole family in mind

Shopping list review and pantry overhaul

*for 1:1 clients only



Understand food groups and their role on body inflammation / prevention

Learn to create and enhance recipes for higher nutritional value and anti-inflammatory properties

Tips & tricks for daily maintenance of a healthy diet




Workout recommendations 

Tips to incorporate daily activities to increase energy expenditure  

Aerobic and anaerobic  recommendations

Weekly challenges via a social fitness platform



Sleep  techniques that can also be downloaded as an mp3 file  

Adopt sleep hygiene habits

Breathing and relaxation exercises in every live session



Mindset shift and strategies for forming long-lasting healthy habits

Master self-motivation and get rid of procrastination

Uncover saboteurs, find triggers, reset the mind



Resources and ideas to incorporate your new habits into your daily lifestyle

How to avoid food marketing traps

How to read food labels

How to choose nutrient-dense foods



Access to our happy community

Share experience with like-minded individuals

Ask questions and clarify doubts

Mobile app during the coaching period – reminders to drink water, track weight, and activity

Get a and find out what's best for you...

Health Coaching can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why it’s important to have a conversation to ensure that your needs can be met. I’d love to help you change your lifestyle by coaching you to make the right choices on a daily basis. Schedule a free consultation and let’s start that conversation…

Feedback That Makes Me Smile


How does group coaching work across time zones?

If you don’t find 4 friends to join your journey, you go on a waiting list until 4 other people enroll.

Do I have to pay immediately upon enrolling?

No.  You can choose to pay now or pay later.  You can pay with credit cards anytime or with SEPA upon request.

Can I pay without credit card?

Yes.  You can choose to be billed and receive SEPA instructions to transfer your payment.

When do I start?

Groups start on the first week of every month, meeting times are Mondays in Spanish from 21 to 22:30 and Wednesdays in English from 20:30 to 22:00 CET.  Monthly workshops are held on the first Sunday of every month.  1:1 meetings are scheduled based on availability of both parties.

Can I cancel the program?

You have 14 days money back guaranteed.  I recommend you stay active on the program for at least three months, but you can cancel anytime after 14 days and you will only be charged up to the month that you participate.

What if the program does not work?

I have had the pleasure of celebrating success stories.  I understand every body is different.  Success can be measured in many ways.  We will identify your wins if you stay committed to the changes recommended. 

Where do I find long term support?

If you complete the 3-months group or 1:1 coaching you are welcomed to join a private community where you can connect with like-minded individuals and obtain support and motivation.

Science Is Behind

Lack of SLEEP leads to lower work performance, increases moodiness, attrition of interpersonal relations, memory loss, and decreases quality of life.
Robert Owens, MD
USC San Diego Department of Medicine
Toxic levels of stress erode the connections between the billions of nerve cells in the brain, EXERCISE can reverse this process by enhancing brain function.
John J. Ratey, MD
Spark, the revolutionary Science of exercise and the brain
Research has shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces risks of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and stroke. It may help with weight loss and reducing or reversing the effects of type 2 diabetes.
European Journal of Nutrition
2012 Sep; 51(6): 637–663.

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